Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Ranges

Williams Outdoor Rifle & Handgun Ranges

Williams outdoor rifle and handgun ranges have been open to the general public for several decades.  Our shooting pavilions consist of shooting benches for each lane and roof so our customers can remain out of the weather elements.  Our shooting stations can handle right and left handed shooters as well as being handicap accessible.  Our outdoor ranges will have range officers on site to answer any questions and provide friendly advice on shooting if needed.

Our 100 yard rifle range consists of 24 shooting stations.  The 30 yard rifle range consist of 12 shooting stations.  We also have 12 handgun shooting stations from 5 to 25 yards, 4 of these handgun stations feature steel targets.  Finally we have a shotgun patterning shooting station for shotgun shooters shooting birdshot or buckshot.  The allowed firearms on the outdoor ranges include from a .22 all the way up to a .50BMG.

*No tracer rounds and rapid firing are allowed on outdoor or indoor range.

Outdoor Range Hours & Pricing

Outdoor Range Hours:

Standard Hours:  Monday – Sunday 10am – 6pm

Winter Hours:  Friday – Sunday 10am – 6pm or DUSK

Outdoor Range Pricing:

Standard outdoor range fee: $10 per day

The steel handgun range fee: $12 per day

*Everyone on outdoor range must check in with cashier.  No children under 8 years allowed on range.  All outdoor ranges close by Dusk regardless of stated hours.

Williams Range Memberships – Great Gift Idea

Check out our various Range membership options, some include extra perks such as discounts on firearms, ammunition and classes.

Williams Buyers Club…………………………………. 1 year: $89

Includes: 5% off new firearms, 10% off all ammo, and 10% off all classes and leagues

Standard Range Membership………………………. 1 year: $199  6 Month: $125

Includes: Indoor, Outdoor and Steel Target Range access*

Premium Range Membership………………………. 1 year: $275  6 Month: $149

Includes: Indoor, Outdoor and Steel Target Range Access* for member plus guest, and free gun rental**

Standard Range Membership W/ Buyers Club….. 1 Year: $275  6 Month: $199

Includes: Perks of both Buyers Club and Standard Membership

Premium Range Membership W/ Buyers Club….. 1 Year: $349  6 Month: $275

Includes: Perks of both Buyers Club and Premium membership


*Must share lane for two people, guest must be accompanied by member. Weekends are limited to one consecutive hour.

** Limit to 3 firearms per session, must purchase Williams ammo.

Williams Gun Sight Company Rules Of The Range:

  • Everyone going out to the range must be a paid shooter.

  • No unpaid spectators are allowed.

  • Eye and Ear protection is required.

  • Shooters must be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.

  • Hearing and eye protection are mandatory at all ranges, Shooters are responsible for providing their own eye and ear protection
  • Open-toed shoes (sandals, flip-flops, etc.) and sleeveless shirts are not permitted on the pistol/rifle range.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  • Any legal firearm and ammunition, except armor-piercing or tracer, may be used on targets.
  • All persons are to remain behind the shooter while firing is taking place.
  • No firing shall be allowed while anyone is down range.
  • Only one person may shoot from each designated location at any given time.
  • Please keep all firearms unloaded and muzzles pointed in a safe direction when not firing.
  • The Action on uncased guns shall be open when not on the firing line.

Indoor Shooting Range

Now Open! Our New Indoor Shoot Range Is OPEN! We can’t wait for you to see it!

Indoor Shooting Range

Outdoor Shooting Range

Come use our Outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range located in Davison Michigan, conveniently located just off I-69 at Irish Rd.

Shooting Ranges

Group or Party Rentals

Rent our indoor Pistol Range private lanes located in Davison Michigan for your group shooting.

Indoor Shooting Range

We Hope You Enjoy Our Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Range!

Should you have any questions
call customer service directly at:


between 10am and 8pm E.S.T. Monday-Saturday
10am-6pm Sunday

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