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Firearm Trades & Buy Backs

Fair Value For Pre-Owned Firearms

Buy-Back or Trade-Ins of Your Pre-Owned Firearms

One of the unique attractions to Williams retail store is the wide array of pre-owned firearms.  We acquire these pre-owned firearms by offering customers a fair value for their firearm.  After careful evaluation of the customers firearm, we will offer them a “buy” or “trade” price.  The customer will then have up to 10 days to decided if they want to accept the offer.  Once a pre-owned firearm is purchased or traded for the customer, Williams experienced team will evaluate the firearm and prepare it for re-sale.  On ALL pre-owned firearms, Williams will offer a 30 day function warranty. 

Williams takes pride in their large and unique inventory of pre-owned firearms, so we want to make sure sellers and buyers are happy with their experience.  This is done by offering sellers a fair value for their firearm and providing a wide selection to buyers.

Things to remember before selling or trading your firearm to Williams:

Be sure to make Williams your destination for choosing your next firearm.

Williams Gun Sight Company

7389 Lapeer Rd

Davison, MI 48423

Retail Hours:  Monday – Sunday:  10am to 6pm