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Firearm Sight Manufacturing

Williams Gun Sight’s Manufacturing Division

Williams Gun Sight’s manufacturing division is one of the oldest companies in the firearm industry. Over 90 years ago we realized firearms were inaccurate because of inadequate sight options. So, Williams began designing and developing sights to make firearms more accurate. To this day some of our original designs are still sought after by customers looking to improve their accuracy. Even though the firearm industry has changed over the years to more of a tactical market, Williams is still making sights to improve shooters accuracy.


Williams Gun Sight is excited to enter into the electronic optic category with a truly unique reflex sight called the LRS (low reflex sight). Our new LRS features Reverse Reflex Sight technology, when used with a picatinny rail, creates a reticle position that sits 30% lower compared to standard reflex sights. The lower reticle position and profile is designed specifically for shotguns and traditional rifles. The lower position allows shooters to keep their head in a lower and more natural position to improve accuracy and create faster target acquisition. Shooters can also pair their LRS sight with an LRS adapter plate for an ADDITIONAL 15% – 20% lower position compared to standard reflex sights.


• Reverse Reflex Sight design for Shotguns and Rifles.

• Red 32 MOA segmented circle & 3 MOA dot.

• 6 hour sleep function.

• 6 illumination levels.

• Sealed design to combat moisture and dust.

• Machined out of high-grade aluminum.

• Picatinny rail adapter included with sight and will mount to any picatinny style rail.  Rail not included.

• CR2032 battery and lens cloth included.

Product Weight:  2.77oz (includes sight, pic. rail adapter and battery) 

• Firearm specific LRS adapter plates sold separately and these plates will lower reticle position an ADDITIONAL 15% to 20%.

• The LRS is NOT pistol rated.  However it will perform on rimfire pistols with a non reciprocating slide such as a Ruger MK series, Browning Buckmarks or Volquartsen pistols!


Paired with any of our LRS Adapter Plates, the LRS sight sits an additional 15%-20% lower. This allows the reticle to sit as low to the bore axis as possible for improved accuracy and faster target acquisition. The LRS adapter plates will fit Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Mossberg, and Remington firearms.

Precision CNC Machined Gunsight Manufacturing

Precision CNC Machined

In order to provide the highest quality sights, it starts with highest quality material and machinery. Using aircraft grade aluminum and high-quality steel we CNC machine our sights to the tightest of tolerances. Our experienced engineers and machinists know how to create high quality sights at an affordable price. Our CNC machinery is designed for high production because of our OEM firearm customers so we are able to pass this savings to the consumer without sacrificing quality.

Williams “Tried and True” technology

Our Legacy Line of Sights

Williams “Tried and True” technology of our legacy sights revolves our FP, 5D, and WGRS peep sights. These sight concepts were designed in the early years of Williams but are still desired to this day. The main feature of these sights is the rear aperture (peep) sight. Because of the round aperture sight picture, shooters naturally and unknowingly center the front bead within the center of the aperture. This creates faster target acquisition and improved accuracy for hunters and target shooters. This technology has been used in our newer products such as our Ace in The Hole and Western Precision line of sights.

Williams “Fiber Optic” technology

Our Firesights… Brilliance in Low Light

In the mid-1990s Williams was one of the first companies to develop fiber optic gun sights. Since then, fiber optic sights have boomed for all types of sights. Fiber optics collect ambient light and emit a brighter sight picture on the end of the fiber optics. This is great for hunters and target shooters that are in low light situations. Our fiber optic is not just a piece of cheap plastic, we source the highest quality fiber for improved brightness. This is why we call any of our sights with fiber optics, our Firesights! Our Firesights come in mainly our handgun line of sights but we also offer these as sets with our muzzleloader, rifle, and shotgun sights.

Gun Sight Manufacturer Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty

Williams sights rarely have any issues but if for any reason there are issues then William’s customer service is here to help. All of our William’s sights have a lifetime warranty to the original owner of the sight. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects. For any sights containing fiber optic, the actual fiber is only warrantied for 2 years and if your fiber optic does break within your sight then this can be easily fixed. If your sight is damage and needs to be serviced then please contact our customer service department by phone or email. Or if you need any additional parts, such as fiber optic, for your sight then please check out the link below.

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