Stock Work

Custom Work at Williams Gun Sight Company custom gun stock checkering, finishing & painting, & complete gun stock restoration.
Type Stock Services Retail Min. Retail Max.
Bedding Glass bed recoil lug $85 $85
Bedding Glass bed action $125 $125
Bedding Pillar bed rifle (includes free float barrel channel) $290 $290
Swivel Install Dakota style swivel base (price is for each) $60 $60
Swivel Install sling swivels into wood or synthetic stocks $40 $40
Swivel Install swivels on Remington autos or pumps and Marlin/Winchester lever guns $30 $30
Stock Work Cut & install recoil pad $55 $55
Stock Work Recoil pad installation $50 $50
Stock Work Add spacers and new recoil pad $80 $80
Stock Work Deluxe oil finish (pores completely filled) $250 $300
Stock Work Satin oil finish $185 $185
Stock Work Remove high shine finish $50 $50
Stock Work weatherby grade high shine finish $450 $450
Stock Work Open stocks for tube recoil lug $40 $40
Stock Work Install HS precision to Model 70 Winchester $65 $65
Stock Work Install HS precision to Model 700 Remington $40 $40
Stock Work Rechecker original checkering pattern POR POR
Stock Work Fit crescent or skeleton butt plates & grip caps POR POR
Stock Work Custom checkering from scratch POR POR
Stock Work Fit curved butt plate $100 $100
Stock Work Fit flat butt plate $60 $60
Stock Work Repair cracks (includes touch up ) $40 up
Stock Work Steam out dents (for each dent) $5 $15
Stock Work Install exotic wood forend tips (does not include wood) POR POR
Stock Work Install & shape exotic wood grip caps (does not include wood) POR POR
Stock Work Install magnum crossbolts $120 $120
Stock Work Install metal morgan pad $100 $100
Stock Work install plastic morgan pad $55 $55
Stock Work Complete stock restoration and replacement to original size or custom size POR POR
Stock Work Custom wood stocks POR POR
Stock Work Custom glass stocks POR POR
Stock Work custom checkering or carving POR POR
Stock Work Remove major dings and repair missing pieces POR POR
Stock Work Custom airbrushing of stock POR POR
Stock Work Install semi inlet wood or drop in stocks POR POR

Custom Work Gallery

Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. has offered quality gunsmithing services to Michigan hunters and shooters for over 60 years.  Now, Williams is pleased to offer our famous gunsmithing services to our World Wide Web customers.

Warranty Repair Center

Williams Service Department is a warranty repair center for Browning, Remington, U.S. Repeating Arms Company, Inc. and Weatherby.

NOTE: When disassembly is required, all guns will be test fired at a labor rate of $5.00 per gun plus ammo used.

Custom Work Examples

Custom Stock Work Elephant SKin Rifle
Custom Stock Work cerakote & stippled M&P
Custom Stock Work Restoration springfield 1909


Pistolsmithing – custom trigger work, grips, gun sights, custom flame & more

Rifle Gunsmithing

Accuracy check, trigger adjustments, custom barrel, cryo-accurizing, and more…

Shot Gun Gunsmithing

Shot Gun services include, Choke tubes, Drilling & tapping, Rechambering and more.

AR, AK, and Tactical Services

Metal Work & Bluing

Metal Work, Bluing, Rebluing, Cerakote, Duracoat & More.

Stock Work

Stock finishes, checkering, custom stocks, refurbishing, recoil pads and much more.

Clean & Oil Services

Cleaning & Oiling Services can often be completed on the spot, saving your time at home.

Muzzle Brakes

We fit to each customer’s gun so there is an amazing blend between brake & barrel.

"Williams hopes the gunsmithing services and products mentioned throughout our web site provide you with many years of fine shooting."

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