Rifle Gunsmithing

Type Rifle Services Retail Min. Retail Max.
Accuracy Check Accuracy test which includes testing scope and testing rifle in free floated stock and grouping with different ammo (+cost of ammo) $60 $120
Accuracy Free Float barrel channel $50 $70
Accuracy LAP scope rings $60 $60
Barrel Work Install pre threaded rifle barrel $125 $150
Barrel Work Blank barrel installation includes chambering, head spacing, and crowning(not metal finishing & not reamer rental) $350 $350
Barrel Work Rechambering existing barrel (+possible reamer rental) $125 $175
Barrel Work Blueprint action $250 $250
Barrel Work LAP locking lugs $75 $75
Barrel Work True front of mausers like receivers $75 $75
Barrel Work Hawkeye bore inspection $25 $25
Barrel Work shorten & recrown any rifle barrel (over 18") $65 $65
Barrel Work Shorten & recrown any barrel under 18" or Savage 99, Rem pumps or autos. (includes refinishing of barrel) $150 $150
Barrel Work Chamber casting to determine caliber $100 $100
Barrel Work Stamp barrel caliber $20 $20
Barrel Work Hand engrave barrel caliber $175 $175
Barrel Work laser engrave barrel caliber $100 $130
Barrel Work cut extractor slot on barrel $60 $60
Barrel Work Install press on barrel band $60 $60
Barrel Work install and solder on barrel band $100 $150
Barrel Work straighten barrel $80 $80
Barrel Work Reline 17 or 22 barrel & liner $160 $160
Barrel Work install silencer $100 $150
Bolt Handle Inlet stock for low bolt handle $40 $80
Bolt Handle Install low scope bolt handle on military bolt actions $110 $110
Bolt Handle Forge military bolts top scope mounts $75 $75
Bolt Handle Install bolt handle & mount on mosin nagant $120 $120
Bolt Handle Instal tactical bolt knob $80 $80
Bolt Handle Jewell bolt and follower $100 $130
Customizing Reduce weight on rifle POR POR
Customizing Cowboy action job on lever guns $160 $160
Customizing install Sako extractors $100 $175
Customizing Laser engrave pictures and emblems POR POR
Customizing install 3 position safety on Mauser $155 $155
Customizing Install Buehler style (Timney) Safety $60 $60
Customizing Custom mounts, parts, & sights POR POR
Muzzleloader Remove stuck breech plug on traditional and in line muzzleloaders $60 $120
Muzzleloader pull stuck ball in muzzleloader $25 $25
Sights Install dovetail sight $25 $25
Sights Drill and Tap sight on barrel or receiver $50 $50
Sights Install fire sight set on Remington $25 $25
Sights Install scope mounts on pre drilled firearms $30 $30
Sights install & solder on sight for each (doesn’t include refinishing) $125 $125
Sights Sight in and calibrate express sights per blade $100 $100
Sights Drill and tap for top mount scope mounts (includes mounting & bore sight) $100 $100
Sights Drill and tap for side mounts (includes mounting & bore sight) $150 $150
Sights Sight in rifle scope or open sights (doesn’t include ammo) $30 $30
Sights Sight in Muzzleloader $70 $70
Sights Bore sight only $7.50 $7.50
Sights Cut dovetail in barrel 70 70
Sights Cut 3/8 dovetail scope grooves in 22 receivers 100 100
Sights Inlet or cut stock for peep sight 40 40
Trigger Work Install Timney triggers on Mauser 91, 93, 95, 96 $80 $80
Trigger Work Install Timney triggers & set where no milling is required $60 $60
Trigger Work Install Jewel triggers $45 $45
Trigger Work Trigger job/improvement on Mod 70 Winchester $85 $85
Trigger Work Trigger job/improvement on Mod 700 Remington $50 $65
Trigger Work Trigger job/improvement on Mod 77 - MK II Ruger $85 $85
Trigger Work Trigger job/improvement on standard 77 Ruger $55 $55

Custom Work Gallery

Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. has offered quality gunsmithing services to Michigan hunters and shooters for over 60 years.  Now, Williams is pleased to offer our famous gunsmithing services to our World Wide Web customers.

Warranty Repair Center

Williams Service Department is a warranty repair center for Browning, Remington, U.S. Repeating Arms Company, Inc. and Weatherby.

NOTE: When disassembly is required, all guns will be test fired at a labor rate of $5.00 per gun plus ammo used.


Pistolsmithing – custom trigger work, grips, gun sights, custom flame & more

Rifle Gunsmithing

Accuracy check, trigger adjustments, custom barrel, cryo-accurizing, and more…

Shot Gun Gunsmithing

Shot Gun services include, Choke tubes, Drilling & tapping, Rechambering and more.

AR, AK, and Tactical Services

Metal Work & Bluing

Metal Work, Bluing, Rebluing, Cerakote, Duracoat & More.

Stock Work

Stock finishes, checkering, custom stocks, refurbishing, recoil pads and much more.

Clean & Oil Services

Cleaning & Oiling Services can often be completed on the spot, saving your time at home.

Muzzle Brakes

We fit to each customer’s gun so there is an amazing blend between brake & barrel.

"Williams hopes the gunsmithing services and products mentioned throughout our web site provide you with many years of fine shooting."

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