Firearm Shipping


It is legal, under Federal law, to ship a personal firearm to a licensed dealer such as Williams Gun Sight for repair purposes without obtaining licensing (recommended to have them insured).  However, the repaired firearm must be returned to the same address from which it was received.

Consult our full price list on our website or in our price catalog.

You should check with the shipping service, such as UPS, that you intend to use, as their policies vary in regard to shipping firearms. Shotguns and rifles may be shipped by the US Postal Service, per the Domestic Mail Manual(Sec.11.3).

Clearly label the box containing your firearm with our name and address as follows:

Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.
7389 Lapeer Road
Davison, MI 48423

  • Be sure to use adequate packaging materials when shipping your firearm.

  • Make sure the firearm is unloaded and do not ship any live ammunition with the firearm.

  • Please enclose a letter detailing what you would like done to the firearm and a phone number to contact you.

  • Once received, one of our qualified gunsmiths will contact you to discuss the repair or service being performed.
  • Upon completion the firearm will be mailed back to you in a timely manner.

Custom Stock Work Gallery

Along with our dealer service program Williams Gunsmithing also allows customers nationwide to send their firearm directly into us. This is perfect for customers that do not have a local gunsmith or they are looking for Williams quality and innovation they have been providing for decades.

Warranty Repair Center

Williams Service Department is a warranty repair center for Browning, Remington, U.S. Repeating Arms Company, Inc. and Weatherby.

NOTE: When disassembly is required, all guns will be test fired at a labor rate of $5.00 per gun plus ammo used.


Pistolsmithing – custom trigger work, grips, gun sights, custom flame & more

Rifle Gunsmithing

Accuracy check, trigger adjustments, custom barrel, cryo-accurizing, and more…

Shot Gun Gunsmithing

Shot Gun services include, Choke tubes, Drilling & tapping, Rechambering and more.

AR, AK, and Tactical Services

Metal Work & Bluing

Metal Work, Bluing, Rebluing, Cerakote, Duracoat & More.

Stock Work

Stock finishes, checkering, custom stocks, refurbishing, recoil pads and much more.

Clean & Oil Services

Cleaning & Oiling Services can often be completed on the spot, saving your time at home.

Muzzle Brakes

We fit to each customer’s gun so there is an amazing blend between brake & barrel.

"Williams hopes the gunsmithing services and products mentioned throughout our web site provide you with many years of fine shooting."

Should you have any questions
call our gunsmiths directly at:


between 10am and 8pm E.S.T. Monday-Saturday
10am-6pm Sunday

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