Shooting Classes

Available Classes:

  1. Basic Pistol; Monthly Class (Jeff, Kevin, Jonathan, Chris)
  2. Basic Carbine; Quarterly Class (Ken)
  3. CPL (Concealed Pistol License): (Jeff, Kevin)
  4. Defensive Shooting; Quarterly Class (Jeff)
  5. Ladies Only Defensive Shooting: Defensive shooting, parking lot safety, hand to hand, disarming tactics.
  6. Reloading Workshop; Quarterly Class (Matt)
  7. Range Safety Officer Course (Jeff)
  8. Hunters Safety; August & September Classes

CPL Classes:

Williams CPL classes are a 8 hour long course which will consist of classroom and range time.  Students are required to be present for the entire time and bring materials to take notes.  As part of the class each student is required to shoot 100 rounds from their firearm.  Williams does have firearms available to rent.  Students will be graded on their ability to safely handle and operate their firearm.  As well as their shooting performance and classroom test.  This class is NOT for beginner shooters.  Students must have basic knowledge of their firearm and be proficient in operating their firearm.  Also please see the State of Michigan requirements for taking a CPL class:

Defensive Handgun Class:

Prerequisites: Students MUST possess a valid CPL License or Law Enforcement credentials. (THIS CLASS IS NOT INTENDED FOR BEGINNERS)

The Defensive Handgun program is the next step for CPL holders who are ready to begin their journey into the world of tactical training. The state mandated CPL training just scratches the surface; we pick up where they leave off. This is also a great course for Law Enforcement Officers to brush up on their shooting skills.

This class will enhance your marksmanship and gun handling skills. Defensive handgun also covers four count draw, level one malfunctions, ready positions, loading/unloading, multiple targets, emergency/administrative reloads, status checks, malfunction clearances, alternate shooting positions. This class will also cover beginning disarming techniques.

Upon completion, the student will have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Defensive Marksmanship.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Eye and ear protection (Mandatory).
  • A billed hat (Baseball cap is perfect).
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Quality handgun, .380 minimum.
  • Sturdy belt, magazine pouches, and a quality belt holster that allows one-handed re-holstering.
  • At least 2 spare magazines (3 or more is better).
  • 1 Pack snap caps.
  • 200 rounds of quality ammunition (NO RELOADS).

List of Current Classes

To reserve your spot in a Williams class, please call our cashier office at (800) 530-9028. Students must register and pay with Williams’s cashiers. The amount is to be paid in full at the time of registration.  There is a 50% cancellation or re-scheduling charge.

CPL Classes

Oct 5th, 2019:  Location, Indoor Range Classroom; Cost $150.00, Instructor:  Kevin Wigton.  Saturday:  10-6 pm.

Oct 19th, 2019: Location, Indoor Range Classroom; Cost $150.00, Instructor:  Jeff Swyrtek.  Saturday:  10-6 pm.

Oct 26th, 2019: Location, Indoor Range Classroom; Cost $150.00, Instructor:  Chris Rolison.  Saturday:  10-6 pm.

Basic Pistol

Oct 6th, 2019:  Location, Indoor Range Classroom; Cost $50.00.   Sunday:  10-1.

Oct 20th, 2019: Location, Indoor Range Classroom; Cost $50.00.   Sunday:  10-1.

CPL Refresher

Oct 19th, 2019:  Location, Indoor Range Classroom; Cost $50.00, Instructor:  Jeff Swyrtek.  Saturday:  2-5 pm.

Oct 26th, 2019:  Location, indoor Range Classroom; Cost $50.00, Instructor:  Chris Rolison.  Saturday:  2-5 pm.

Defensive Shooting

Oct 27th, 2019 (Red):  Location, indoor Range/Indoor Range Class: Cost $100.00.  10-6 pm.

Women’s Only Classes


Basic Carbine Class


Reloading Workshop


NRA Instructor Training


This series of classes is what is required to become an NRA pistol instructor, total cost for all classes $450.00                                                                                                                  

**For Further information regarding this class, please contact Jeff Swyrtek at (810) 653-2131 Ext. 231, or via email at

*All students who take their CPL class with us receive a year FREE pass to the outdoor range, a $100.00 value.

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